Home improvements increase the aesthetic value of the house and make it more durable. Therefore, it is advisable to replace outdated features of the home and re-furnish it from time to time.

Some home improvements provide more return on investment than the others. Hence, you should plan well before investing money on your home improvements.

The three home improvements with the best ROI this summer are:


  • Installing high-efficiency appliances:

High-efficiency appliances go a long way in saving time and energy.

  1. The kitchen vent keeps the smoke out of the kitchen and helps to prevent oil stains on the walls of the kitchen.
  2. Other appliances such as dishwashers save the efforts of the user and may save water as well. Water purifiers also have become crucial to prevent any waterborne diseases.
  3. Programmable thermostats can be installed at your home and they are cost-effective. You can set them according to your temperature needs.  Rebates are available from many utilities making this a win-win-win.
  4. Furthermore, appliances using solar energy can also be installed in the home to minimize electricity usage. Solar panels can be installed on the rooftop to cut down significantly on the electricity bill. Solar cookers and solar heaters can be easily used in the home to cook food and heat water.

Installing such appliances in the house makes it much more utilitarian. If the appliances such as your washing machine or refrigerator have become old, they should be replaced with the new ones immediately because the new appliances may have many new features added to it and it may consume less electricity.


  • Kitchen renovations:
  1. Kitchen renovation such as installing new cupboards provides more storage space for the utensils, containers and other equipment for cooking.
  2. Sliding shelves are easy to open so they may replace the traditional knob-cabinets. Wire shelves can be installed beneath the kitchen cabinets to have much more space.
  3. You can easily opt for a modular kitchen. It is quickly installed and gives a modernized look to your kitchen besides saving space.
  4. The kitchen should be painted before installing the cabinets. For the repainting of the walls and the ceiling, semi-gloss paint should be chosen as it doesn’t retain moisture and is easier to wipe down.
  5. Light colors should be used for painting the walls and the cabinets because they brighten up space and conceal the cracks of the cabinets.
  6. The kitchen can be improved in many ways without spending too much money on it. A rug can be used on the floor, floor tiles or laminate can be installed to make the kitchen look better.
  7. More lights can be added to the kitchen ceiling, and the old knobs can be replaced with the new decorative ones. Also, changing the shelf liners can improve the look of the kitchen. You can even get the faucet replaced if it has grown old.


  • Adding a home office:
  1. A home office can be added with minimum renovations. Furniture rearrangement and redecoration can be used to convert a room into a small office. Folding furniture can be used if the room is small.
  2. Working from the home office has a lot of benefits. It saves money as you need not drive to work each day, eat out or spend money on formal clothing.
  3. You may also get a tax deduction for the home office if there is a clear separation between the office and the household.
  4. Besides saving money, you can also devote more time to your family. Moreover, if you want to work part-time after retirement, adding a home office can be advantageous for you.

Hence, these are the three home improvements with the best return on investments. Investing in home improvements is always a profitable decision because it adds value to your home. It also reduces the maintenance and utility costs because starting the entire improvement project when the problem begins to appear, shall save you from additional expenditures.

Moreover, small but significant changes such as replacing the doors and windows shall result in greater security of the household besides enhancing its beauty.