January and February have come and almost gone, with March on the horizon. While the cold weather may get you down at the beginning of the year, it is actually the perfect time to prepare for the spring. The garden is an important aspect of the house, as it is the first site that visitors will see. The visual aesthetic that comes along with seeing and smelling fresh flowers is both pleasing to the eye and a warm greeting to those who walk by. The smell of fresh flowers will have everyone intrigued and it will also brighten up your house. Not everyone has a green thumb, which is understandable and completely okay! There are two options that cater to beginner-master level gardeners.

The first option is to purchase flowers in pots from your local garden shop or home goods store. This is the quick easy solution, but can also become expensive depending on the flowers. It doesn’t give you insurance that the plant will survive, but it does mean that it survived the seeding phase and has had time to bud. Flowers, just like with the home, needs attention and care to successfully be at its best.

The second option would be to grow it yourself. Always a great experiment! Most grocery, home-goods, or gardening stores will stock seeds in little sachets with instructions on how to grow them.

Here are 7 flowers that will look gorgeous and smell amazing once spring comes in full swing:

  • Daffodils
  • Tulips
  • Crocuses
  • Pansies
  • Snowdrop Anemone
  • Lilacs
  • Acoma Iris

The important things to remember are that plants are alive and can catch frostbite too. You want to keep them inside, in the sun for the given amount of hours instructed if the weather is too cold. Another mistake that most people make when gardening is overwatering. Too much of anything is bad. There needs to be a balance of water and sunlight. Other than that, let the beauty of your surroundings bring color, happiness, and joy to you and your company.

For the full list of flowers + tips on the gardening visit this page.