It’s a fact of life: Homes come with far more emotional weight than any other investment we make.

A home is a refuge from the world, a place to raise a family and, for some people, an investment they hope will bring them a good chunk of money down the road. We fall in love with houses in a way that we never fall in love with a portfolio of stocks and bonds.”

~ Wall Street Journal

The Psychology of Buying and Selling a House”


The stresses of buying or selling a home are often underrated. They are however categorized as two of the more major stressful changes that fall in the same field as having a baby, planning a wedding or even starting a new job. Both buying and selling is a longer-term process, which will eventually also include moving. This is where balance and the help of a real estate agent come in.


The real estate agent acts as the middleman between the parties to help make everyone happy. They handle all the details so that you may feel less stress. While they take some of the physical load off of you, it is always important to remember to take time to yourself to ensure proper self-care and therapy. Here are a few ways to help yourself cope and distress:

  1. Be Prepared – Start the process early. Get the right mindset whether you are a home-seller or buyer.
  2. Find out what you like and don’t like about your home, the things that you would like in your new home. (Being organized will always make you feel on top of the situation.)
  3. Take lots of deep breathes. The process can take a while, so don’t forget to take minutes to yourself.
  4. Go outside, even if it is just a walk around your property. The refreshing feeling will help to collect your thoughts and the light exercise will get your blood and mind flowing.
  5. Know that you can’t control everything. Focus on what you can control and let the rest play out.

Keep in mind that this process has been done over and over again. Everything will turn out as it should be and you will always choose the house you fell in love with.