When listing out their home’s amenities and features, sellers sometimes overlook strong selling points. When you’re selling your house, you’re offering buyers a whole way of arranging and organizing their lives. Think through the things you take for granted and the pieces of your home that truly support your life.

Here are four things buyers love that it does not always occur to sellers to show off.

 1. Storage.

Home buyers, especially first-time home buyers leaving the rental market or ones who expect their family will grow, are always looking for more storage. Buyers in both these situations are likely looking for more space, so it’s important to show them what your home has to offer. Even if you’re moving because you’ve outgrown the home, remember that the home is being marketed to people in a different position from yours, and for them it could offer an increase in storage space. Clearly explain how many closets, cabinets, pantries, or other kinds of built-in storage are available in your home, along with basement or attic access.

2. Proximity and Location.

Yes, many buyers will be finding your home because they are looking for houses in its specific location. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should avoid talking up nearby amenities and areas. You’ve lived in this neighborhood; you probably know better than the buyer does what makes it a great place to live. In addition to standard information on local schools, walkability, and public services consider including information about your favorite nearby restaurant, your kid’s favorite play spot, or your favorite neighborhood walk. These little details will help buyers imagine themselves actually living in this neighborhood.

3. Senior-Friendly Features.

As Baby Boomers consider moving into smaller homes and as more families welcome older relatives into their homes, an increasing number of buyers are looking for homes with senior-friendly features. One of the most popular is a somewhat separate guest bedroom, bathroom, and living area that could give an older relative some privacy from the rest of the family, If your home has a guest bedroom or even a guest suite, remind buyers that this could also be space for a loved one to live permanently. Other senior-friendly features to consider are level-in entrances (no stairs to the front door), single story constructions, and low-maintenance landscaping.

4. “Green” Features.

If you have incorporated green, energy-saving features into your home in any way, make sure you let buyers know. Of course most sellers would think to mention solar panels or a system that recycles rainwater, but what about energy-efficient appliances, a backyard kitchen garden, the compost bin you built, or that $50 home recycling center you installed? These are all relative low in cash value, so many sellers don’t think to include them in lists of amenities. There are many buyers, however, who will be thrilled to find these things already in place. Don’t leave them out!

If you’re unsure what seemingly unimportant features of your house will attract buyers, don’t hesitate to talk to a talented real estate agent. They know your local market and will help you figure out the best marketing techniques to sell your home.