Common wisdom says that winter is a hard time to sell a home. With the right preparation, though, you’ll avoid common errors that can turn off buyers.

  1. Keep the House Warm. You don’t want potential buyers shivering through a tour of your home or wondering if there is something wrong with the thermostat. As long as you are having showings, keep the thermostat set to at least 70 degrees.
  2. Keep Snow Away From Buyers. Remove snow from any bushes, trees, or other large plants near the entrances to your home; you don’t want potential buyers to get wet as they walk inside. Besides brushing off the snow, consider pruning back any tree limbs or hedges that hamper access to your home. If you really want to show off what the property looks like in spring or summer, display some photographs in your front entrance.
  3. Keep Sidewalks Clear.  Make sure your sidewalks, steps, and driveway area all well-shoveled and salted. Your home should look cozy and safe, and cleaning up the exterior also eliminates the possibility of getting sued by a buyer who falls or slips.
  4. Make Sure Your Home is Well Lit. If it is dark and cold outside, keep it warm and bright inside. Don’t leave any buyers with the impression that your home is dim or dirty. Utilize multiple forms of lighting, from overhead lights to reading lamps. Lights that add holiday cheer, like Christmas lights or electric candles, also increase the sense of warmth and coziness.
  5. Highlight the Coziness of Your Home. In addition to making sure your home is bright and welcoming, consider adding little details that will make buyers feel comfortable. add some extra pillows or blankets to the living room or bake cookies for smell.