Are you ready to move away from the tired red and green Christmas color scheme? Here are five tasteful ideas.

  1. Pick a Different Color Palate. Before diving into a new decoration plan, start by picking out a different palate that will fit well with your home and your tastes. White, silver, burgundy, and deep blue are all good starting points. Here are some other ideas.
  2. Focus on Natural Greens.  The shades of green in most Christmas color combinations are bright and artificial. Set them aside for the deeper, softer greens that you see outside in winter. Besides bringing pine or holly inside, look for table runners, blankets, and pillows in these shades. Rich green has a warm comforting feel to it that is perfect for fabrics.
  3. Lots of Little Lights. Nothing says warmth and cheer like twinkling lights. Hang strands of Christmas lights in unexpected places, like over doors or in windows or use them in centerpieces. Also think about artificial candles. You can put these in a variety of holders of different colors and shapes to add character to your windows, centerpieces, and side tables.
  4. Glass and Reflective Materials. Once you have some new sources of light, add glittery or reflective materials that will spread that light around your home. Take inspiration from your favorite ornaments. If you decide to forgo a tree, you can always hang the ornaments themselves in other places around your home or incorporate them into other decorations. Remember that a little bit of sparkle can go a long way. Parts of a room you want to highlight or that are usually dim are a great place to add some sparkle.