Selling your house requires a lot more work than just putting a “For Sale” sign up in your yard. Times have changed and with them the expectations for a properties and sales strategies. Here are three things to know if you want to get up to speed.

Ignore the Temptation to Overprice Your Home

You might be tempted to list your home a bit above asking price either to get a little more income or the have wiggle room during negotiations. Think again! Over-pricing your home makes it harder to sell. Instead, list it at market price or slightly below. The lower price will attract buyers instead of turning them away, increasing the likelihood of a bidding war for your property.

Find an Agent with Amped Up Marketing

Taking pictures of your house is all well and good, but don’t stop there when you are trying to generate interest in your property. Consider shooting a video, making a 3D virtual tour, or promoting your home on social media to increase awareness and excitement. Don’t forget to look for an agent with creative, modern ideas about listing marketing.

Splurge on Staging

You need to convince buyers that this property is a place they can call home. It needs to be a space that fosters their imagination, so splurge on serious, professional staging. If you can’t afford a professional stager, take the time to clean every inch of your kitchen and living room and try to hide as many of your belongings as possible. You want to give buyers the chance to imagine themselves in the space.

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